Information on the thriller genre can be difficult to find because people often mix it in with mystery.  The links below offer some information on the genre for anyone writing a thriller.

International Thriller Writers, Inc. The professional writing organization for thriller writers.  The site features a description of what a thriller is, as a reading list.

What is a Thriller?.  David Morrell offers a discussion of what a thriller is, including a comparison with mystery.

The Joy of Thrillers.  Linda Adams' look into what the elements of a thriller are.  It discusses high stakes, complex storylines, and strengths and weaknesses of the genre.

What is a Thriller? An excellent resource from Suburban Library System Reference Service describing the diversity of the subgenres of thriller.

Secrets to Writing a Best Selling Thriller An article by Gayle Lynds on writing thrillers.

Subgenres of Thrillers.  An ongoing list of the subgenres, starting with Action-Adventure thrillers and Disaster thrillers.

Writing the Thriller, by T. Macdonald Skillman.  The only book on how to write a thriller.  This discusses the different subgenres, as well as the differences between a mystery and a thriller.

Sixteen Differences Between Mystery and Thriller Carolyn Wheat compares core differences between thriller and mystery.  The article is good for writers who are working on a crime thriller.

Mystery vs. Suspense Thriller Book Genres Janet L. Smith compares thriller and mystery.  Again, good for writers who are working on a crime thriller.

A Fine Line: Serial Killer Thrillers. Mystery Web Magazine discusses the public fascination with serial killer thrillers.  This is easily one of the most popular subgenres of thrillers today.

The Best Thriller Books of All Time. Reader's Digest offers an article listing ten of the subgenres of thriller.

Suspense/Thriller Author Spotlight.  Book Reporter spotlights a new thriller author each month, including all the books they've written, a biography, and interview.  A great way to see the wide variety of thrillers available.

Writing the Action Scene.  David Alexander's article on writing action scenes for thrillers, originally published in Writer's Digest.

Thriller: Writing the Action Scene.  Linda Adams' article in Vision on writing action scenes for thrillers.



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